Mt Abundance Homestead

This is a special posting about Mt Abundance Homestead which we visited during our holiday. Its history is quite interesting and if you want to find out more google for "Mt Abundance Homestead". In short Mt Abundance was named by Sir Thomas Mitchell in 1846 for its abundance of grass, later known as Mitchell grass. The homestead was built in 1860 near Bungeworgorai Creek (meaning: Muddy Creek). In 1927 Ernest Martyn, grandfather of the present owner Pat Tite, secured the homestead. Don and Pat purchased Mt Abundance in 1994 and have since lovingly restored most of it. Mt Abundance Homestead is Heritage Listed.

The next six photographs are of Bungeworgorai Creek and the sandstone "Overshot", a dam built in the 1880's. In the not so distant past it has been washed away in a flood and was rebuilt at the cost of some $20,000. It was supposed to withstand a one-in-a-hundred year flood, but was washed away again in the next flood only a few days later. After that a lot of concrete was used for re-inforcement and it has withstood the latest (and highest) flood on 2nd March 2010.

The gate which has been moved foreward to its original place during the restoration

Don presenting his talk in front of the gate. Behind him a rock which was used by the ladies to climb on a horse using a side saddle

One of the still existing bottle trees in the front yard

The dining room. The only room with partly painted walls

Living room with rebuilt old rocking horse

Cellar under the front verandah, built with locally made bricks

Tool room with partly visible back of the fireplace. The bricks in here have been left stepwise so they could be used as 'shelves'

The timber above the door eaten away by the white ants

The food preparation room. Not the kitchen as we know it.

A work table in the sewing room

Bedroom seat in the main bedroom

Bathroom on the side verandah

Back verandah and the 'copper'